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Milan Bozic

Web Developer / System Administrator


Few Words About Myself

I have many interests and skills, right now I like to know a bit of everything and it's a shame that day last only 24 hours, having that in mind - If I get an interesting job offer with an opportunity to sharpen my skills and to become better in certain areas I will be happy to embrace it.

I currently work on a few of my own personal projects, and I do freelance work beside that - I'm a top rated freelancer on a very popular Upwork platform.


My Education

From 2013. to 2015. I studied at University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Department of E-Business, I graduated with highest score, subject of my master thesis were: Inovative Business Models of B2C Electronic Business.
From 2012. to 2013. I studied at Valjevo Faculty of Business Economics, I passed several differential exams and "jumped" straight into 4th year of studies, I finished studies - again, as the student of the generation.
From 2009. to 2012. I studied at Valjevo Business School of Applied Studies, on study programme: Electronic Business. I finished studies with full honours as a student of the generation, as the best student from all students who started studies in 2009.

My Strongest Personality Traits

  • Hardworking

    Many times I'm willing to sacrifice my free time and even my sleeping time to get the job done.

  • Resourceful

    Definition: having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties - yeah, that's me.

  • Honest

    I'm always honest with my clients - I answer on all their questions and I don't give false promises.

  • Trustworthy

    Clients don't have to worry when they give me access to their accounts - I keep them safe as my own.

My Skills

Wordpress 95%

PHP 60%

HTML5 90%

CSS3 90%

MySQL 90%

Joomla 80%

Magento 70%

Nginx 90%

CentOS 95%

Ubuntu 90%

jQuery 60%

Site Security 95%

Digital Ocean 95%

Varnish 85%


Download my CV

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My Services

I provide a wide variety of services.

  • Wordpress

    I provide all kinds of services related to Wordpress sites, some of them are: installing, configuring, updating, repairing, modifying & moving Wordpress sites; Installing, configuring, updating & modifying themes and plugins.

  • Joomla

    Beside Wordpress I can also work in Joomla: installing, configuring, updating, repairing, modifying & moving Joomla sites; installing, configuring, updating & modifying themes and plugins.

  • HTML5,CSS3 & Bootstrap Websites

    I can build static websites using HTML5 and CSS3, also - I'm familiar with the usage of Bootstrap framework, which is one of the most popular front-end frameworks currently.

  • Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart

    Beside Wordpress (WooCommerce), I have experience with technologies which are mentioned above. Installing, configuring, updating, repairing, modifying them or their plugins and themes.

  • Linux System Administration

    I have knowledge and experience of working in CentOS and Ubuntu (VPS environment), I can: setup a web server, update it, install and configure various kind of programs/applications (LEMP-LAMP, Varnish, etc.), apply security measures with usage of best security practices, install and configure Control Panels (I prefer Vesta, Ajenti, Webmin/Virtualmin.) and apply various fixes and optimizations.

  • SSL installation and Setup on a Server and/or Website

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol which uses cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt data, it's used to establish a encrypted link between web server and a browser. In short: SSL is very important for websites who have registered users or who are selling something (e-commerce). If you value the safety of your (and user) data - you must use SSL for your website, and I can help you with that.

  • MySQL/MariaDB

    A lot of websites use MySQL for their databases (in fact, they now usually use MariaDB - which is in fact a better version of MySQL). I'm capable of analyzing, creating, modifying, updating and repairing MySQL databases. MySQL is not used only for websites, but also for creating databases and applications in Microsoft Access, so - I'm also capable of working in MS Access.

  • Malware/Virus Removal from Server and/or Website

    A lot of servers and websites don't have right security measures in place or they became outdated and vulnerable to all kind of attacks, and when those attacks happen servers/sites stop to work or work slowly and with all kind of errors. That's where I "jump in" to help. I apply best practices to find and remove all malicious files/scripts and to tighten up security so that kind of problem don't occur again.

  • Speeding up Server and/or Website

    Speed is a very important aspect for every website. Users like when page open up right away, and Google like it too (because sites who are better optimized get better page rank). My approach in this is to analyze website first, to see server response time and all other important factors - then I see what can be improved and I work until I get the best possible results.

  • Repairing Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

    I can also assist with repairing Windows via Team Viewer, solving registry issues, driver issues, restoring accidentally deleted files, finding and removing malware and viruses etc.

  • Transferring/Moving Websites

    There are many hosting environments out there, many hosting service providers to pick from, some are bad, some are good and some are better. People usually want to move their sites if they are not satisfied with their hosting (hosting limitations or bad performance). Whatever your reason is, if you want to move your website from one hosting to the another - I can help with that process.

  • Consultancy services

    I also help my clients with opinions about various stuff from my expertise, for example, if they have a dilemma which hosting company to chose? What hosting packet to pick? What CMS or what plugin to use for their needs? Etc.


Feel free to take a look at some of my work.

I'm constantly learning and expanding my knowledge to become better.

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Websites & Servers


Websites & Servers




Websites & Servers

What clients say about me

Milan is a man of integrity, and a master of his craft. He is truly dedicated into problem solving and will do whatever he can to solve it. He will even stay up late nights regardless of the complexity of the situation. He is truly a rare gem and I will definitely look forward to working with him in the future.


Ivan Zeljko

Owner of crohasit.com

Great guy! Hard working and dedicated person. When he encounters issues in the theme (which we had many) he won't stop until he resolves it. I had a very pleasant working experience with Milan. I have hired dozens of developers before but I have never seen any developer like Milan. He checks his work before he sends it me, his coding is clean and extremely intelligent. I am very satisfied with his work.


Frank Tolentino

Owner of borndiver.com

This was one of the toughest database clean up / repairs I've ever had to encounter. Was thoroughly impressed at Milan's diligence and relentless efforts to get things in working order again. He saved a lot of headache and made our site even better than it was before. He went above and beyond what was asked and wouldn't quit until it was fixed. Would highly recommend and hire again in a heartbeat. Bravo!


Chris Barnett

Lead developer of 109world.com

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Drop Me a Message


  • Address: Kosjeric, Serbia.
  • Email: milan.bozic.18@gmail.com
  • Phone: +381 64 28 41 324
  • Skype: milan.b12

Working Hours (Central European Time)

My working hours are mostly flexible - however, I can adapt from project to project. Bellow is my usual working schedule.

  • Monday - Friday - 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 8am to 3pm
  • Sunday - Only for urgent issues (with higher rate applied)